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Reasons Not To Download Episodes Of Big Boss Online

Lots of people here in India wants to download episodes of big boss and they sell it. This thing comes in piracy. According to recent survey, India rank no. 4 globally in online piracy. Torrents are not illegal in India, there are some legal Torrent sites in India.

download episodes of big boss torrent

Big Boss is a Indian reality television game show, broadcast in India. It is license to broadcast on television or you can stream from Hotstar and Voot. This show is liked by millions of people and it increases every year.

This show has lots of drama and many kinds of games played by the contestants that is lot interesting and entertaining. Due to Salman Khan, the fan base of this show increases every year.

Due to some illegal use of torrents in India, like downloading copyrighted materials from web, or uploading those copyrighted material from torrent from there is illegal in India.

On other side, piracy of pirated copyrighted material can be seen as criminal act akin to stealing. In United States, penalty for piracy of copyrighted material from web is fine up to $250,000 and jail sentence for at least 5 years.

Using torrent is legal, but downloading copyrighted isn’t. Be careful what you download or face the consequences.

Only thing that you can do to watch the show is you should watch it on TV or stream it on Hotstar or Voot. These are the only legal way where you can watch it and not get into trouble.

You can watch the repeat telecast on TV or watch it on streaming platform where every episodes are available whole year for you.

One thing to remember is piracy of any copyrighted material like movies, software or songs are illegal, every country has their own rules for that.