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Everyone should do aerobic exercise for 150 minutes every week. Not everyone has a lot of time to spend working out, what should you do?

The answer is running. Yes, this exercise can make a big difference in daily life. Walking and jogging 20 minutes everyday, you can easily achieve the goal of 150 minutes every week.

So now we know how we can do, But how is it possible? You cannot go out, there is no park or the area where you live is not that good for jogging or walking. For that you can make a Home Gym at your home where you will have sufficient gym equipment for every workout.

For that you can get a Treadmill. You can buy Treadmill that will do the job for, you don’t have to go out for that anymore. So, where should go for that now? What do I have to know before I buy treadmill?

We decided to make this article on the best treadmill online and which is the best treadmill brands in India. One of the best treadmills brand in India is PowerMax. They have one of the best selling treadmills on Amazon.

Powermax Fitness TDA-230 (2.0 HP), Semi-Auto Lubrication, Motorized Treadmill with 15 level Auto Inclination for Intense Workout Sessions

OVERVIEW : This treadmill has 72% 5-Star Ratings and 15% 4-Star Ratings on Amazon. People love this product. Not just because of it’s design also for the quality they get from this product.
You don’t have to be a tech specialist to buy this treadmill. You just need to know the HP (Horse Power) and whether this product has incline mode for better exercise. This unit has 2.0 HP and can incline upto 15%. There is also a 15-level auto incline for intense workout. I strongly suggest you to buy this product. Check price here

There is one more brand in India which is Aerofit, Aerofit Treadmill is also most selling product on Amazon. Just like Powermax you can buy this product, you can believe on their products for long time use which everyone wants before even they buy the product.

Aerofit Motorised Treadmill AF 414(New Ver)

OVERVIEW : This treadmill is one of the most expensive selling Aerofit treadmill in India. It has a display that shows Time, distance, speed, calories, pulse, incline and programs.

Aerofit AF 428 2.0 HP Motorized Treadmill with Auto Inclination & Digital Concepts PWM Control

OVERVIEW : This unit is one of the cheapest treadmill by AeroFit that you can buy. It has a window display that shoes Heart rate, Time, Distance, Speed and Calories you have bunt. Also has in-built speaker for MP3.