Best Shoes Of Nike

Nike is a sports brand. That was named after a Greek Goddess of Victory that represents the strength and speed. Nike makes one of the best sport shoes of nike that are used worldwide by professional sport players.

 It became a big brand that, many of the top sports player has partnership with this brand and became one of the top sports brand.

1964 was the year when it started the creation of and has been innovating since then. You don’t have to be a top level athlete or a sports star to buy these shoes.

There are hundreds of best shoes of Nike available in the market to buy. Let’s take a look of those shoes that are best both in style and comfort.

Nike Air Max 95


The Nike air max 95 can be worn on any occasion and ample arch support, comfort and reliability. It is a big style statement with cool looks. You can use it for work purpose and remain comfortable and easy for our feet to work without having pain.

It is the best Nike Sneaker that is lightweight and sturdy, most of reviews we got on Amazon. And most of the people got what they saw online while ordering the product. You will have the color options for this sneaker.

Among the creation of all Nike Air Max, the Nike Air Max 95 is the best and innovative sneaker ever made. This legendary Nike sneaker continued to be the reputative sneaker for over 20 years and it is still the best Nike sneaker you can buy now on Amazon.

With this legendary sneaker, Nike Air Max 95 sells at a slightly higher price tag. Mostly shoes collector and Nike fan around the world are more than willing to pay the cost of this sneaker to enjoy its fashionable aesthetics and its reliable and lightweight cushioning.

Nike Air Max 2017


Compare to Nike Air Max 14, 15 and 16 there is no difference in how the Nike Air Max 2017 looks and feels. This is still the best running shoes that you can buy.

This shoe is best for running and cardio, the new updates in Nike Air Max 2017 makes it light and comfortable for long use. It makes the shoe bit pointed than the Nike Air Max 2016.

Again for its comfort and all new updates in this shoe make it bit expensive for normal customers.  But nothing else can beat the quality of these shoes in 2019.

Nike Air Vapour Max


By far the best Nike’s best creation that no one can beat, Nike Air Vapour Max has one the best upper fits with comfortable interior. That’s a plus for us to recommend people.

It has good amount of rear foot cushioning for daily and casual use, fits your feet and light in weight. It can be used for gym purpose and also for casual use.

This shoe was made for comfort so that it can be used anywhere. Mostly used for running purpose because of its external reinforcement for the heel that secures the back of your foot, you get cushioning only where you need it for increase in flexibility. 

Nike Air Max 1

Nike has one of the best 80’s retro look, this iconic shoes is back for customers. Nike Air Max 1 has upgradable design, where you can customize your shoes fabric material and color. And that makes a plus point for the buyer to buy this shoe.

This shoe is mostly used for casual wear and the retro style of this shoe makes it more stylish.

It is described as comfortable by large number of people. This premium sneaker looks same as advertise.

Nike Air Max 1 is a top notch sneaker that is known for its fashion forward aesthetics, quality, innovative design and the lightweight material. This is one of the sneakers that are still popular and well liked by buyers.

Nike Odyssey React

The Nike Odyssey React is Nike’s second shoe for the brands new react foam. The Nike’s second foam react offers a lightweight, offers a firmer ride for the runners. It has a 10 mm heel made of the new foam make the heel comfortable and also increase bit of height ; ) this polymer is a thermoplastic elastomeric, which is extra durable, energy efficient, and long lasting comfort. You can easily use this shoe for casual wear.

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