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Puma is a multinational company, they are the manufacturer of one of the best casual and sports footwear. Puma is the 3rd largest manufacturer of sportswear in the world.

Puma Sneakers Under Rs. 5,000

Here, we talk about sneakers that are under Rs. 5,000. It’s basically the affordable ones that any one can buy from Amazon India.

1. Puma Men’s Crush Idp Sneakers

puma sneakers

This lace-up Sneaker is made of canva material. Puma is one of the best sneakers brand in the market they are also known for making high quality sport shoes. It is a flat heel type shoe for men with round toe style. You can comfortably wear this for long use.

puma sneakers

2. Puma Men’s Creative Idp Iron Gate Black W Sneakers

puma sneakers

This Puma Sneaker is made of synthetic fabric, and it will last long if you take care of it. It is also a lace-up shoe with round toe style, these kind of design helps toe to move comfortably inside the shoe.
Puma is releasing new styles of sneakers of men and women both.

puma sneakers

3. Puma Men’s Foxster XT IDP Sneakers

puma sneakers

This minimal looking sneaker is one of the best classic looking shoe in the collection. It looks like boat shoe, outer surface of this shoe is synthetic. You can use it for long time comfortably.

puma sneakers

4. Puma Men’s One8 Mid Sneakers

puma sneakers

This is one of the most stylish looking flat heel type sneaker in this list. We always see what to wear every single day, but having this kind of sneakers make your day easier. You don’t have to waste your time just deciding which shoe to wear. Black color sneaker goes with every dress.

puma sneakers

5. Puma Men’s White Sneakers

puma sneakers

This lace-up sneaker is one of the best and affordable shoe in this list. It is a flat heel type shoe and made with leather. Leather makes it feel more premium and not to forget it’s under Rs. 5,000.

puma sneakers

6. Puma Men’s Breaker Knit Sunfaded Sneakers

This sneaker is made both for men and women. It has a unique look that is on trending these days. Lace-up shoes are most durable and you can use it everyday for regular use.

Puma Sneakers Under Rs. 10,000

Around this range you will find shoes that are good quality and durable for long use. Their sports sneaker collection has best quality shoes for Men and Women.

1. Puma Unisex’s Blaze Cage Glove Sneakers

This is puma’s sport sneaker with minimal design that make it more stylish . White sneakers are most favorite color that everyone look for while buying a shoe.

2. Puma Unisex’s Cell Venom Sneakers

This sport shoe has rubber sole that makes it more comfortable of long use and makes it comfortable to walk on rough and rocky surface.

3. Puma Unisex’s Thunder Disc White-Gray Violet Sneakers

It is a sport shoe for long use but with a good design. It’s comfortable to wear while working for long. Sole is made of rubber that is durable for long use.

4. Puma Boy’s RS-X Reinvention Sneakers

This is a colorful sport shoe with great design and looks stylish. You can comfortably wear this for long use.

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